Wednesday, February 15, 2017

People ask and get Answers from our customers about Flat Screen Clean™

Amazon Question

People ask and get Answers from our customers this is so nice to see how customers help with a Brand that works so well!

Does this work to get crayon off?

YES! This stuff is AMAZING. It will remove vertically anything if you use it according to the directions. It is the only product I've tried that cleans it all.

By St. Mark on February 13, 2017
Not sure, but it does a great job on cleaning television and iPad screens.

By Dale Sturgill on February 13, 2017
What does Flat Screen Clean Remove?
Fingerprints, dust, dirt, lipstick, smoke film, Crayon, pencil, permanent marker
Food soils, Grease, Oils, Ink, Creams, Body lotions, Food dust,
Food oils, other cleaners residues left behind.
Thank You Vincent Rugani

By Rugani & Rugani llc SELLER on February 14, 2017
This stuff gets almost everything off crayon markers, peanut butter, lipstick ,etc.. I will never by any other screen cleaner than this. Stuff is amazing and kinda smells minty too.

By Chris on February 14, 2017


I have finger prints along the bottom of my TV from my kids touching the screen all the time will this work?

Yes it will at Rugani & Rugani LLC, our vision is to be seen by our customers as the leading-edge flat and touch screen cleaning product. Our vision is supported by four principles that provide the foundation for our product: Environmentally Friendly, Non-Toxic, Consumer Health and Children's Environmental Health. Children are more vulnerable in regards to the environment; with this in mind, our product is focused on both the child's environmental health and the environment itself. Flat Screen Clean is a non-toxic cleaner that has consumer health in mind.
Thank You! Vincent Rugani

By Rugani & Rugani llc SELLER on February 15, 2017

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Award Winning 4oz Bottle of Flat Screen Clean

Friday, February 3, 2017

Flat Screen Clean™ Customers Reviews

Just some of our Customers Reviews
5 Star
It does such a great job!
THIS STUFF IS AMAZING! It does such a great job.
Have you ever tried to clean a big screen TV?
What a drag! I have a 65" & a 55" TV and have never been able to get them clean until now.
It does such a great job! Customer Service was also an excellent experience.
They took very good care of me.
With this Award Winning Product.......Your flat screen cleaning problems will be over!
5 Star
Your product is the first and only product I have found that actually works!
I love it! I know how hard it can be to get a flat screen TV clean so I make sure I tell everyone how great your product is.
Your customer service is also the best and you took very good care of me. And for that I thank you.
I will be back for more of your product.
5 Star
I thought my Samsung 3d HTV was ruined this product is amazing!!! Thank You!!!
5 Star
I just had to let you know. It really worked. I mean it REALLY worked.
I do not know how much stuff I have bought off the shelf and off the internet.
No matter what, they all fall short of my expectations. I am not picky; I just want the product to do what they said it can do.
Yours is the first one that far exceeded what you said it would do.
I do not have bananas or peanut butter on my screen. I had streaks from other flat screen cleaners that made it worse and worse.
First try and BAM no freakin streaks. NONE!
I did my other three televisions right away.
Then my tablet. Then the kindle and all my smart phones.
I called my daughter and told her all about it. She thinks it is a little weird that I went on and on about this cleaner.
Now when I go to her house for something I am bringing that cleaner.
I just wanted to tell you that I am a guy in his early sixties that has never wrote to anyone to thank them for their product.
Thanks again,
Frank M.
5 Star
Just an update.
I just reused this product and again was impressed.
My neighbor asked me if I could clean their TV screen again the same way I did it last year.
I forgot that I had done that and my daughters TV and computer screens also.
I was so impressed with how it worked I had to share this find.
Finally, a product that does what it says it does. And does it well!
If anyone is on the fence about buying a screen cleaner, look no further.
This by far is the best. In my opinion
"Product of the year"
5 Star
I was a little leery but it worked as advertised. Will definitely buy another one. Thx.
5 Star
GREAT STUFF! I just followed the instructions. It did an Amazing job. I have tried other cleaners that never worked right but this stuff was great. No Streaks! Just like glass.

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